Bluebird Wandering School




School History

The Legend of Bluebird

  • 2014

    3 days after her final exam of university, Haru left home and went to travel South East Asia & Oceania.
  • 2015

    After 7 months, Haru went back to South Korea and sold her stuff and made 2000 euro in 2 months and left to Europe.
    This year she made a rule for herself not to spend any money for accommodation & transportation to be able to keep traveling.
    So she was always hitchhiking and doing Couchsurfing & Workaway to live.
  • 2016

    By this time, she had visited almost all of the European countries and spent Summer-Autumn in Scandinavia.
    When she went to Lapland, she was invited to Sami family in Kautokeino. She fell in love with Sami culture and music.
    She made her website "Sustainable Wandering" to document her pictures and became an international press member.
    Then it was getting cold, so she made her way to Greece.
    She ended up at "Soul Food Kitchen” in Thessaloniki to help homeless refugees.
    She met a lot of filmmakers there and got inspired.
  • 2017

    Haru spent the Winter in Crete and Cyprus and then went to Israel and Sinai in the spring time.
    She met her spiritual father Itzik by hitchhiking and went to the first Rainbow Gathering in her life.
    Later she came back to Europe and finished her first short film “Aleph" about penny-less traveling in Israel.
    Then, in the Summer, she filmed her journey with a street band called “Mombé” during their European tour for 2 months.
    She went to the European Rainbow Gathering and became vegan.
    After, she spent time visiting her friends and editing the footage that she had made the previous Summer.
    She went to Fuerteventura for the Winter, where some of the Mombé members lived.
  • 2018

    Haru went to her 3rd Rainbow Gathering in La Gomera.
    She finished her first featured film “Bem vindo a Lua (Welcome to the Moon)” in Tenerife.
    She went to Roskilde, Denmark and stayed in vegan community for a month.
    Her sister Sihoo and brother Min came to Germany and Haru started her new project “Bluebird Wandering School”.