Wandering School?

Traveling around the world
Instead of high school

Bluebird Wandering School was started by a tiny wish to rescue my 15-year-old brother from South Korean education system which is very prescriptive and oppressive.

My brother took his courage to come with me instead of going to high school everyday for 15 hours.

So I decided to establish an alternative free-school for him and make a documentary movie about my project to spread the idea and hope to the world.

We want to learn from each other in the nature and cultivate a independent-free-human who is unconstrained from system.

Along the way, we will try our best not to kill or harm any creature nor destroy nature.
We will be in the forefront of the movement against all kind of violence and discrimination.

Someday, I wish this little flap of wings would lead the educational revolution in South Korea.